Learn to Code

Austen Goodson

I taught myself to code and successfully switched careers. Sign up to learn more.

I graduated with degrees from USC in engineering physics and civil engineering. In 2014, I discovered my passion for coding and programming and began teaching myself anything and everything I could get my hands on. Along the way I picked up Java, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while diving deep into the workings of the internet, coding, and internet servers. I was then hired to teach programming and coding skills to K-12 kids at the UCode coding academy.
In June of 2018, I quit my stable job as a facilities manager and set out to switch careers. Along the way I joined the San Diego startup community, worked for several startups, and four months later landed a full-time job as a web developer. 
I am still active in the San Diego startup scene and am working to learn something new every day while encouraging others to do the same. I believe that in the future everyone will need to know how to code. My goal is to teach others how to become self-starters and self-teachers.